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Liberate your art – card swap 2016

This year, just like last year, I participated in the Liberate Your Art Card Swap organized by Kat Sloma.
The Liberate Your Art postcard swap encourages you to create, share and liberate your art into the world, where it can do its greatest good. I joined participants from around the world as we liberated our art through the mail and brightened the day of those near and far.

I was a bit lazy this year and re-used the card I made in 2015. It carries an image that I made as a daily create assignment for DS106 some time ago. It’s a road map of a storyline.
The story that I used for this assignment was a short story I wrote earlier, a kind of Romeo & Juliette story featuring Ampero & Tessa.


Story line of the romance of Ampero & Tessa. Made as a daily create assignment for DS106 and used for the Liberate Your Art – card swap of 2015 and 2016

I received some wonderful postcards of the 3 weeks that the cards were distributed by Kat. This year’s cards and last year’s cards are hanging on the side of a cup board in our living room.


Postcards received during Liberate Your Art – card swaps of 2015 and 2016

If you haven’t participated in the Liberate Your Art card swap yet, consider signing up for next year’s card swap.

You can read the story of Ampero & Tessa and other short stories written by me here.