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Daily Create: Andreas and Gwendolyn



Today’s daily create assignment TDC1574 was to write a short story to this old drawing.


TDC1574: Write a short story to this 500 year old picture.

Here’s the story, it’s the story of Andreas & Gwendolyn.


Andreas and Gwendolyn

Once upon a time a dumb boy named Andreas was smitten with the fair lady Gwendolyn.

‘Oh Gwendolyn, oh Gwendolyn, will they not marry me?’ young Andreas asked her every day as he passed her window with his donkey.

‘Oh dear Andreas, I’d rather grow a beard before I’d marry you,’ would Gwendolyn’s ever consistent answer to this question be.

It was at a warm summer’s day as Andreas’ godmother, who was visiting her sister, heard Andreas’ question and what Gwendolyn answered. But since she was a bit deaf already, she missed the sarcastic undertone and understood the fair lady’s saying for a wish to become true before the young couple could set off into a happy marriage.

‘Oh you young lovers, I remember how Uncle Henry and I longed for each other, I will help you two to your happiness,’ she said. She pulled her want out of her pocket, flicked it four times and gave young fair Gwendolyn a beautiful beard at her shin.

‘Gosh, you’re ugly,’ the young boy said as he saw what happened to Gwendolyn. ‘Nevertheless, I still love you, since I’ve been loving you forever and couldn’t imagine my life without being in love with you.’

‘Oh well, since nobody sensible will marry me anyway now I have a beard,’ Gwendolyn responded, ‘I’ll settle for you and will marry you.’

The couple lived forever after, and let’s hope it was a happy marriage nonetheless.




Evidence for Gwendolyn’s beard can be found in the original picture upon which this story is based.



Any resemblance to actual people dead or alive is purely accidental. 





  1. Jaap says:

    een verhaal van de sik en de ezel.

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