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Going down – Andreas’ way



Going down stairs of climbing down can be drawn in many ways. The easiest way would be to simply drawn several panels and put the protagonist in a deeper spot on each panel.
One way to make this process in the story more intriguing to look at is by putting the panels as large vertical panels side by side as in the example below.


In this example we only see parts of the huge stairs. Each panel shows us just what is visible in the light of the lamp. The impression of going down, is done by putting each drawing a bit more to the bottom of the page.


An author whose work I love very much, is Andreas. In my opinion, he does mind blowing stuff in his graphic novels.
For instance, in the image below, we see how the protagonist climbs down. But not in several distinct panels, but in one big image with what could be regarded as borders of panels on top of it.
The idea of using one image to display a process over time, is very ingenious in my opinion.


Our protagonist Rork, climbes down the tubes of a giant apparatus. We see 1 big drawing with “borders” of “panels” on top of it. In each “panel” we see Rork getting deeper into the apparatus’ belly.


Even when using several panels to let our protagonist Rork climb down a stair, Andreas does something special. He draws the panels as if they form the steps of a staircase.



Rork and another personage go down into a secret grotto. The panels on the left side are drawn as if they’re steps of a spiral stair.


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