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What’s in your jar?



Yesterday I got challenged by Laura Ritchie to reply to a tweet “What’s in your jar?”

Schermafbeelding 2016-03-28 om 18.20.10

This is what’s in Laura’s jar. #YourJar

She explained more about this challenge on her blog where she also presented the contents of her jar. The challenge originated by the idea of Chrissi Nerantzi as an in-person activity for the 2016 UK National Teaching Fellow’s Symposium.






I had to give it some time to come up with what would be in my jar. But here it is.


Passion would be in my jar because as a student, as a learner, it’s your passion for a certain topic that gives you the energy to learn as much as you can learn about that topic. This learning could concern knowledge ( “I really want to know how this works!” ) and/or skills ( “I really want to be able to do this!” ).

Searching skills would be in my jar because we live in a time with an abundance of information. To find the information you’re looking for you have to have the skills to use the tools for searching. Those can be digital tools, language tools, but can also be knowing the right people to ask.
Next to that you have to have enough knowledge to be able to recognize the answer to your question.

Writing skills would be in my jar because you’d not only want to keep track of the answers you’ve found. You’d also want to share your knowledge/skills with others, just like millions of other are doing right now through the internet.

On the topic of knowledge I made this interactive module 

Schermafbeelding 2016-03-28 om 18.40.08


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