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Tweets as source of inspiration



Last week a tweet by Miranda Keeling (@MirandaKeeling) made me laugh and encouraged me to do something creative with this tweet.

Schermafbeelding 2016-02-20 om 12.31.29

Tweet by @MirandaKeeling

In my mind I could see the elderly woman and boy sitting opposite to each other, and I wanted to put this mental image into a drawing.

Since I’m not that good at drawing, I started with Bazaart app on my iPad. I searched the web for three images: a photo of the inside of a train, a boy and an elderly woman. After I found images of my liking, I imported those into Bazaart and made a collage.


Collage of three images in Bazaart app

From Bazaart I exported the collage as an image to my iPad, and imported it into my drawing app ProCreate. In ProCreate I traced the outlines and saved the result as an image to my iPad.


Turning the collage into a drawing in ProCreate app

Back to Bazaart, I imported the drawing and added the text of Miranda’s tweet to the drawing. Then I exported the result as an image and uploaded it to Twitter as a reply to Miranda’s tweet.

Schermafbeelding 2016-02-20 om 12.42.08

Replying to Miranda’s tweet and thanking her for the inspirational tweet


Click here for another drawing inspired by a tweet by Miranda Keeling



  1. dogtrax says:

    Wow … Thank you for showing us the process of naming the art.

  2. So cool! I love that we keep adding to ways to share in #clmooc and that expressions of all kinds: writing, drawing, speaking…and more…are out there!

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