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Andreas draws 2 scenes on 1 panel



In my earlier post I showed how the writer Andreas does an amazing “fade in” in his graphic novel Rork.


He does another thing in the same graphic novel that is in my opinion worth telling. He manages to show the reader 2 scenes at the same time. He does this by drawing the second scene as a smaller “inner” panel into the larger “outer” panels of the first scene.

In the image below you see in the “inner panels” how the protagonist Rork is walking with another personage. They are bringing a lost child back to her mother. In the “outer boxes” we see how the mother is full of emotions as she gets her child back.
Andreas manages to use this technique in a subtle way on several places in his stunning graphic novels. It makes you re-read pages looking for the several story lines told simultaneously.


Andreas manages to show us 2 story lines in 1 page by putting the second scene as “inner panels” into larger “outer panels”. Here Rork and another personage bring back a lost child to her mother. We see them bringing the child (inner panels) and we see the mother getting her child back (outer panels).



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