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What can trigger my creativity?



Today, just after I posted a link to a video on YouTube on the GooglePlus community Our Creative Life, I got a question by Norman Jackson ‘who inspires our creativity?‘.

DIGITAL STORYTELLING 106 – daily create assignments


Digital Writing Month is 30-day adventure through the world of digital narrative and art


In my answer I reacted saying that in my opinion just anything can trigger my creativity. For instance I use as a daily trigger the daily create assignments of DS106. To me that is an easy way to keep my creative mind at work. I talked about this in an interview with Sarah Honeychurch during Digital Writing Month in November 2015.



This week I found a trigger to get creative on Twitter. I just happened to stumble upon some funny tweets by Miranda Keeling. I liked this one most: Schermafbeelding 2016-01-23 om 18.05.49



Collage made in Bazaart app

To make an image to this short conversation I launched the Bazaart app on my iPad and searched the web for images fitting the keywords ‘father and son‘ and ‘dragon‘. This search returned two images which I imported into Bazaart. In Bazaart I made a collage of the two images and saved that as a new image on my iPad.








Drawing made in ProCreate app

Still on my iPad, I now launched the app ProCreate and first traced the outlines of the collage. Then I finished the drawing using a virtual 6B pencil.










As I posted the image on Twitter in response to Miranda’s tweet, I got a quick reaction ‘wow’ back from her. She then shared the image further on her twitter account in a tweet that caught a dozend likes.

Schermafbeelding 2016-01-23 om 18.24.07

Miranda sharing the image on her twitter account

Why don’t you check out the short conversations Miranda is sharing on Twitter. Maybe they will trigger you to get creative. Be sure to share the result with us all.




  1. dogtrax says:

    I love how you explain your creative process .. it is inspiring …

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