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Fairytale: The Magic Candy Tree



About 25 years ago Nicolien Busschers wrote this short fairytale as an assignment for her training to become an elementary school teacher. She also made a book with the text and the images. The images were made of cut out pieces of colored carton paper. In honor to her (she died way too young) I made a video of her fairytale.


A photo of the first page of the fairytale book. The image was made with cut out colored carton paper pieces.


I started by taking pictures of the pages using my iPhone and my portable photo studio. I improved the photos in ProCreate on my iPad and exported each page as a separate image to my OneDrive.

I used the standard dictaphone app on my iPhone to record my voice telling the story.


This portable photo studio contains foldable sides and 2 spot lights.


After that, I switched to my Mac and imported the images and the voice recording into iMovie. I edited everything into a smooth video and last but not least added a short piano recording which I made some time ago as an introduction and an ending.

The result video was then published on YouTube. Since the story is told in Dutch I used the subtitles option in YouTube to put an English translation on each image.

The end result (video duration 2:27 minutes) is available here and below in this post.
I hope you’ll enjoy it.



  1. dogtrax says:

    What a beautiful story and what a way to honor her writing and work and ideas. As always, I love that you shared the process of making and creating here. Pull back the veils. Reveal the story.
    Thank you

  2. […] Fairytale: The Magic Candy Tree […]

  3. @mdvfunes says:

    We did mention it on the #106spell and I suggested John with his mellow Scottish voice could do the audio, he is busy with work though. Kathy also asked for the link, I sent to her. I have not yet watched it, but I will and may even do an #artonthecouch post on it soon. A wonderful thing how you use your art to pay tribute to those you love.

  4. What a special story to share and now we all enjoy both, the story of the author and the story by the author. Thank you for sharing.

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