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My calendar for 2016 – images explained



This year I made my own calendar for 2016 using photos I made during the last years. In this post I’ll tell a bit about each photo and which app I used to make it. For more information on the apps, please click the links provided below.



I made this image by combining several photos and a color filter in the iPhone app Diana Photo. I superimposed a photo of the train station of Nijmegen and a photo of the new bridge “The Crossing” over our river Waal. The name of the bridge refers to the US marines who crossed the river in rubber boats while under hostile machine gun fire in 1944 during the liberation fights over Nijmegen. (app used: Diana Photo)



In this image I combined a photo of a lane of trees in a nearby park and two photos of the oldest building on the Nijmegen university campus called Huize Heyendael. (app used: Diana Photo)



I used PhotoShop to combine elements from several paintings of the Dutch national museum, Rijksmuseum, into this image. The frame comes from a photo of an old mirror, also from the Rijksmuseum.
I deliberately put the lady outside the frame to make it look as if she is painting the other painting.
The Rijksmuseum offers many high quality photos online of famous paintings and other art objects of the museum. You can download them legally and use them to create new pieces of art. You’re even encouraged to share your new work and enter the yearly competition of these kinds of remixed works. (app used: PhotoShop)


17147839734_b2ac3a65e0_oThis image was also made with elements of paintings from the Rijksmuseum plus a picture of a goat. I call it “begging old lady with goat”. (app used: PhotoShop)


APRIL22463309475_6a582088c2_oThis piece of art was made by my son in elementary school when he was about 10 years old. It’s called “insect” and depicts just that: an insect.
I made a photo of this work with my iPhone and arranged it on top of a background of two rectangles in the app Bazaart on my iPad.
(app used: Bazaart)


19354253393_a0335d85a6_o (1)

This is a photo of a staircase out of a subterranean parking garage. I added the touch of an impressionistic painting to it using the app Dreamscope in my iPhone. (app used: Dreamscope)



This is a photo of a double spiral stair in the medical research building of Nijmegen university. The form of the stairs refer to the double spiral of the DNA molecule. In the middle of the stairs there is an art work which displays random colors when somebody walks on the stairs. I added the colors and other elements to it with Diana Photo app on my iPhone.
(app used: Diana Photo)



This picture of a chandelier was taken in the entry hall of Huize Heyendael at our university campus. I removed the colors in the photo and superimposed a photo of black and white keys of a piano.
(app used: Diana Photo)



During a visit to the German town Kranenburg I made two photos of the abandoned railroad between Kranenburg and the city Nijmegen. I used the app Bazaart to cut the handles clear from their background and to put them on top of the rails. (app used: Bazaart)



For this collage I used photos of roses we had in a vase in our living room and an online photo of a Swedish actress. I combined all photos in Bazaart app on my iPad and exported this as new image. This new image was imported into Dreamscope to add the impressionistic touch to it.
(app used: BazaartDreamscope)



Elements of three online photos of paintings by Vincent van Gogh were combined into this new remix painting.
(app used: Bazaart)



This is a photo of a couple of trees in our neighborhood. I added the red shadows to the trees with Diana app and exported the result as a new image. This new image was imported in the app Tiny Planet where the round distortion was added. (app used: Diana PhotoTiny Planet)



This last image was made by manipulating a photo of some tree tops behind our house in Diana app. (app used: Diana Photo)



If you want to see more images made by me, you can check out these online albums at Flickr:




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