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Singing with Kevin – continued



In my previous post I wrote about how Kevin Hodgson started a Soundtrap project with a song he wrote some time ago and asked me to join.

As so often with these kind of collaborative projects, they don’t end before it’s over. And, you never can tell whether it’s over … until it’s over.

Kevin invited others to join the singing and Maha Abdelmoheim  and Sarah Honeychurch both jumped right in. Both added two voice tracks.

As we are close to Christmas, I suggested to add some Christmas flavor to the song. I myself added some sleigh bells ringing by jingling my house keys in front of the microphone. Sarah added some digital tubular bells to the song.

In all it sounded great. You can listen to it here.




  1. dogtrax says:

    And a few more invites out there …

  2. Ronald L says:

    Let’s see who’ll join us more …

  3. It’s great fun so far!

  4. […] to work asynchronously on a song with several people. I wrote more about our little project in this post. The result, our song, can be heard here on SoundCloud. (apps used: Audacity, SoundTrap, […]

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