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Singing together with Kevin




This week Kevin Hodgson invited me to sing along with him on Soundtrap. Kevin had written this song some time ago and wanted to do something together with this song.

online composing tool

SoundTrap is a free online composing tool (your first 5 songs are for free). You can add tracks, record with your own microphone and use SoundTrap’s own digital online instruments. You can change your recording with an editor and remix all the tracks in your song. Be sure to check this awesome tool out.

Kevin had already started in Soundtrap by adding several tracks like voice, drums, bass, sax and guitar.

First thing I did was to listen a couple of times to the song and think of how I could sing along with Kevin.

Then I recorded my first voice track with the Dictaphone app on my iPhone while listening to Kevin singing on my computer’s headphones.
After that I recorded a second part, again by using the combination of playing Kevin’s song on my computer/headphones and singing into my iPhone.



Audacity is a wonderful free tool to manipulate and mix sound.



I mixed the two tracks in Audacity to check whether I was singing in key in an acceptable way. I added some reverb to the dictaphone recordings to make it sound a little better.
After that I copied the second part voice track and made Audacity put it into notes wich are 4 half notes lower than the original. Thus I created a third part which followed the second part yet sounded a bit lower in tune.

I liked the harmony of the second part and third part yet I missed the feeling of a group of people singing together. Since the tracks were copies, they were too much in sync with each other.
I changed this in Audacity by dragging the third part track a little out of sync of the second part. When I played it now, it sounded more like two people singing together.

I uploaded all the tracks to Soundtrap and put the parts into sync with Kevin’s singing.
To finish it, I added a simple string track to the song using the online instrument that’s provided by Soundtrap.

You can listen to the result here.






  1. dogtrax says:

    Thanks, Ron, for joining in yet again on another musical adventure and for unveiling the process as notes for us. I am heading into the track to take a listen …. and hope others I invited in may contribute to this song of peace.

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