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The making of a TDC



In this post I’ll show how I made one of the many DS106 daily creative assignments, also called TDC.


In the open course Digital Storytelling 106, better known as DS106, there are so called Daily Create Assignments. This means that there’s a new small creative assignment available every day. People are free to do the assignment and to share their result with others. The sharing goes by tweeting the link or the image on Twitter under a specific hashtag. The hashtag always start with #TDC and is then followed by the number of the particular assignment. TDC here stands for ‘the daily create’.


The daily create assignment I’m showing here was TDC1387. It asked us to do something with the que ‘Big foot is missing’.

I chose not to use the mystical animal Big Foot, but to do something with a big foot. This immediately reminded me of the books by Tolkien ‘The lord of the rings’ and the hobbit people in it. I googled the web for an image of a hobbit and found this one below, a photo taken during the shooting of the movie version of the book.


I downloaded the image to my iPad and used the Bazaart app to remove all I didn’t need of the image. Including one of the big feet, because that’s what’s missing … a big foot. I also rotated the character because I thought that looked better in the end result.



Next, I opened the altered image in my drawing app, still on my iPad, Bamboo Paper. In this app I added the text and the arrow drawing the viewers’ attention to the foot gone missing.


At last I uploaded the image to Twitter under the hashtag #tdc1387 to share it with the rest of the DS106 artistic community

Feel free to join us and have fun with us. Be creative and share your small pieces of arts with others. Surf to:


1 Comment

  1. dogtrax says:

    ha .. love your take on Big Foot … and where it took you … (I have it .. the foot … in case you need it back)

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