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Little Eleven ( in Dutch “Elfje” )



An “Elfje” (little eleven) is a form of a short poem with exactly 11 words.

When written the poem has got 1 word on the first line, 2 words on the second line, etc. The fifth line has got 1 word online. It’s even better when you build tension in the poem over the first four lines and relieve that tension in the last line.
In print it should look something like this.

Two Three
Four Five Six
Seven Eight Nine Ten

You can click to an example ‘little eleven’ poem here



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  2. […] Elfje, the Little 11 poetry format was inspired by Ron […]

  3. […] challenge at the end of the interview was to create a “Little 11” poem, from the Dutch “Elfje.” I had never heard about this poetry format before, but it’s easy to […]

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